A little more about Flatt World Zorro

Zorro Draws 2-21-1

So I got a nice letter from Calvin, former head honcho at Flatt World last night correcting a couple of points from my piece and sending me a much better photo of the Zorro prototype that I have featured above.

The most interesting new insight I gained was that it was planned to have the Flatt World Zorro figure be in the Sony DVD menu of “The Mask of Zorro”. This would have been a ground breaking promotion for the time.

Calvin also went on to add that this was the figure he was most sad not to see go into production. He also believed the character’s international popularity would have seen this be their biggest hit. The only way to win that argument is likely to join his side.

This photo reinforces how nice the figure would have been.

Breaking: Entertainment Earth is almost giving Lost figures away


Entertainment Earth is blowing the LOST Mego Style figures away for $7.60 a pair. That’s worth it just for the bodies.

While I’ve never been all that big on the show, I’ve bought a pile of these for customs over the years, (Sayeed makes a terrific Zandor Vorkov BTW) and at this price, they’re a wonderful source for clothes and shoes.

Here’s a link to the sale, don’t miss out.

Cancelled Lines: Flattworld Zorro


Flatt World was one of the first companies to jump into the “ReMego” fold but it would utilize a hyper realistic format and produce 8″ lovingly detailed figures. Their first release of Bela Lugosi had a retail of $59.95 and while a critical hit,  the company struggled with retail distribution.

Zorro, based on the then hot Anthony Banderas film were just one of the many cool licenses in the pipeline. In the days of people spending car payments on Hot Toy figures and kickstarter campaigns, this seems like a no brainer but sadly, 1999 was a different world and FW’s legacy began and ended with Dracula.

Custom: Cybermen


I’ll round out the evening with two figures I’m working on right now.

The Troughton era Cyber Controller was a fluke, I was gifted the head by it’s creator at a Mego Meet and it hung around in my luggage for over a year. Then one lazy sSunday, I painted it and put him in an Action Jackson rescue squad uniform. I need to finish some little details (and eventually make a 2nd Doctor).

The Cyberman is the laziest custom I’ve made since I put robin shorts on my spock and called him “Submareener” (i still call Namor that). I spray painted a Bif Bang Pow Cyberleader silver.  I covered the face with a dab of putty, it works, go do it.
Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Custom: Denys Fisher Style Master


I made this guy back in the 90s, it’s a Dr Zarkov modified to be a Delgado Master for the 10″ Doctor Who line. I had plans to do PertWee, McCoy and others but the majority of them are headless 10″ figures with awesome costumes in a box somewhere, I should revisit it but that scale is hard to work in and my apathy is strong sometimes……

Please forgive the “awesome” background, i was in my twenties and so green to photoshop then.