Distinctive Dummies does a Paul Naschy El Hombre Lobo


Talk about happy surprises, Distinctive Dummies drops this bomb on me one week before Christmas. Being a lover of all things Naschy, I ordered one before I put on pants that morning.

Distinctive Dummies are proud to announce its first two releases for 2015.
First up we have Paul Naschy, the legendary Spanish actor and who has played a Werewolf more times than anyone. I am happy give you Waldemar Daninsky from Werewolf vs Vampire woman, AKA Werewolf Shadow. This figure is also the debut sculpt for DD by Ron Gearing. Ron is a great talent and believe me, I have seen what else he has in store and all I can say is awesome! Also on this we have a new artist designing the cards, Doc Boucher, whose individual style really sets up the figure inside. Full details at

Distinctive Dummies Website

Custom: Cybermen


I’ll round out the evening with two figures I’m working on right now.

The Troughton era Cyber Controller was a fluke, I was gifted the head by it’s creator at a Mego Meet and it hung around in my luggage for over a year. Then one lazy sSunday, I painted it and put him in an Action Jackson rescue squad uniform. I need to finish some little details (and eventually make a 2nd Doctor).

The Cyberman is the laziest custom I’ve made since I put robin shorts on my spock and called him “Submareener” (i still call Namor that). I spray painted a Bif Bang Pow Cyberleader silver.  I covered the face with a dab of putty, it works, go do it.
Happy Birthday Doctor Who!