Mint Off Card: Mego Wrath of Khan (Star Trek Wave 7)

Mint Off Card is proud to release an early look at the highly anticipated Mego Star The Wrath of Khan series coming this September. Look for more exclusive early reveals as “wave 7 week” unfolds at the Mego Museum.

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Video created by Brain Heiler (@plaidstallions)

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Mego announces Muhammad Ali License at Supercon

Kentucky-At this past weekend’s Lousiville SuperCon, Mego CEO announced that once again, Mego had the license to produce action figures of boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. 

Mego famously debuted the world’s first action figure of Ali at Toyfair 1976, which the champ himself famously attended. 

Little is known when they new Mego Ali figure will debut or where, stay tuned to the for more updates.