Ebay: Slade Super Agent by Shindana

$_12 (2)

The picture kind of sucks but these figures show so infrequently it’s news in these here parts. Slade is part of series of “Live Auctions” on Ebay (!) that include lots of Tomland Star Raiders and Lincoln Monsters. I’ve got no dog in this race but I’m pulling up my lawn chair to watch the fireworks.

You can see all the auctions here. Warning; there is a 20% premium on these for some reason, if you do bid, take that into consideration.

Mego Knock Off HQ: Tomland Star Raiders Catalog

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Insanely rare catalog shot of the Famous Monsters of Legend, Star Raiders and Creatures from Other Worlds figures from the 1979 Tomland Toys Catalog. Anybody have the 1980 or 81, I’d love to see them.

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