Dukes of Hazzard Wave 2 at Figures Toy Company


Bam! without warning this week Figures Toy Company announced Dukes of Hazzard wave 2 by showing off the figures and taking pre-orders which had a lot of fans really excited. I’m by no means a Dukes fan but I can understand how cool it is to get the anicliary characters.

More shots after the jump, to pre-order directly from FTC please visit their site




FTC_DOH_S2_8inBC_CooterDavenport FTC_DOH_S2_8inBC_DaisyDuke FTC_DOH_S2_8inBC_EnosStrate FTC_DOH_S2_8inBC_UncleJesse FTC_DOH_S2_8inCarded_All FTC_DOH_S2_8inCletusHogg FTC_DOH_S2_8inCooterDavenport_01 FTC_DOH_S2_8inDaisyDuke FTC_DOH_S2_8inEnosStrate FTC_DOH_S2_8inLoose_All FTC_DOH_S2_8inUncleJesse