About Us


Megocentral.com is under new management.

The current owners of Mego Central have absolutely no connection, contact or association with ANY previous owner, webmaster or employee of this domain. 

None of us worked there.

None of us worked there.

So please don’t ask us about them, we really don’t know. Honest!

We also have no relation to the Forum that claims to be “Officially” ours, we are not responsible for anything said there and really wish it to be removed.

The Forum for this incarnation of Mego Central is this one.

What we hope to provide here is another avenue in which to spread the “Mego Love”. Talk about customs, newer figures, upcoming toy shows and conventions, vintage discoveries and well, anything else really, we’re wide open on it as long it’s about love for toys and nothing but.

Otherwise, wanna chat? Wanna show me your customs or collection? 


Megocentral.com Management.