Shows that should have Mego lines: STAR WARS

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I don’t begrudge anyone the likely orgasmic joy that is felt from the new Star Wars trailer that just dropped, nor do I feel deprived of a happy childhood playing with my 3 3/4″ Kenner action figures, they were pretty swell indeed.

It’s just that, as a Mego head, I’ve seen EVERYSINGLEFREAKINGFORMAT of SW figures (many of them poor quality) come and go, save for 8 inch action figures? Not even a lousy attempt like Famous Covers.

Right now Entertainment Earth has 1,177 licensed Star Wars products, including 177 action figures by five different companies. Multiple formats, nothing ever close to Mego scale in almost 40 years.

WHY? You can’t tell me it’s format, if Lucasfilm approved this, high standards aren’t the problem. As evidenced by the page from 1978 (a magazine you should own)  they’d look pretty spiffy if done by the right company.

I find your lack of Mego faith disturbing.