One Week Only: Wonder Woman sale at Figures Toy Company


Mego Wonder Woman

One Week Only!!

Collect a cast of legendary DC Comics characters at a new low price! Figures Toy Company has got a deal for you in this week’s #MMFTCNEWS that puts Wonder Woman in the spotlight! FTC is bundling all of their Wonder Woman Retro Figures (10 in total) together for just $118.99!

Hot on the heels of their popular Spring Sale, FTC continues to help customers save money with flash deals and bundle offers such as this one. Each figure regularly retailed for $29.99, which means this whole collection is now being sold for more than half of its original cost! This deal including classic characters like Cheetah, Silver Swan, and Steve Trevor, and is a great way to start a Wonder Woman-centric collection!

Stay tuned to upcoming #MMFTCNEWS updates for plenty of information on any future sales offerings, plus updates on the new items expected in stock over the next few months such as Super Friends Hawkman, new Three Stooges, and much more! FTC’s website ( currently has a huge selection of items from across the pop culture spectrum, with select retro figures as low as $19.99! You’ll also find updates across FTC’s social media pages, so make sure you’re checking those often before you come back here next week for another exclusive update!



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