Wanted Mego Humanoid MOC

Wanted Mego Humanoid MOC

We’re collectors too

Right now our number one want is a Grand Toys carded Mego Humanoid from the Black Hole. No Reproductions please, if you have an original and are thinking of parting with it, contact us



Lincoln International Mr. Rock figure on the card

I’m seriously seeking a carded Mr Rock, it doesn’t have to be in good shape, heck at this point I’d settle for the card back. If you have a Lincoln International Mr Rock for sale, please contact me.


WANTED: Vintage Photos of Toy Stores and Toy Store Displays

If you were a sales rep or employee of Kenner, Mego, Fisher Price, Mattel, Ideal, Remco or a toy retailer in the 70s or 80s and have old photos kicking around. Don’t throw them out, let me buy them, I’ll even buy good scans.

Looking for displays and shots from Toys R Us, Childworld, Heroes World and KB Toys. Especially interested in Mego Superheroes, GI Joe, Shogun Warriors, Kenner Bionic Man, Micronauts and other display photos..

I collect shots like the ones pictured above of vintage toy stores and share them on the site, it’s an obsession and if you have some for sale, Email me!


Wanted Mego Talking Batman Super Softie MIB

I don’t care about the condition or if the doll works (or if there is even a doll) just really would like the box for the 24″ Talking Mego Super Softie Batman.