Captain Canuck Launch Recap

This past weekend saw the launch of the 8″ Odeon Toys Captain Canuck action figure in comic shops across Canada and thanks to our spies we captured a lot of it. Above is current Canuck artist Kalman and Silver Snail owner George setting at the downtown Toronto location for a signing event.

At Big B Comics in Hamilton, Captain  Canuck creator Richard Comely signed figures for anxious fans. Any one who’s ever met Richard can tell you he’s an extremely genuine person.

This is Strange Adventures in Halifax, although you can buy the Captain at any of their 3 locations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Big B in Niagara Falls had a beautiful display of figures right smack in the center of the store. Visiting there is a must if you’re visiting at the Falls, it’s not far from Clifton Hill.
Where to buy Captain Canuck?

You can always order the Captain  Canuck figure from the PlaidStallions Online store, especially if you’re not in Canada.

If you are in Canada and live in one of these cities, it’s always best to support your local comic shop, call them today to reserve your Canuck!

Ebay: Slade Super Agent by Shindana

$_12 (2)

The picture kind of sucks but these figures show so infrequently it’s news in these here parts. Slade is part of series of “Live Auctions” on Ebay (!) that include lots of Tomland Star Raiders and Lincoln Monsters. I’ve got no dog in this race but I’m pulling up my lawn chair to watch the fireworks.

You can see all the auctions here. Warning; there is a 20% premium on these for some reason, if you do bid, take that into consideration.

Mego: The Love Boat Playset


Yup, it got made.

MegoMuseum posted this today on their twitter and well, it’s the same sort of Styrene masterpiece that the Enterprise Bridge was. It was released by Grand Toys in Canada mainly because they paid up front for their stuff, here is a boxed version (also from the MegoMuseum)


There are actually two Love Boat playsets and they look so alike that they cause confusion, this I believe is made by multiple toys and features smaller scale figures of the crew and passengers. From what I gather it’s hella rare too.

$_57 (2)


So the big question is, where the f*** are my Fantasy Island toys?


Mego Knock Off HQ: Tomland Star Raiders Catalog

Like Mego Knock-Offs? Join our Facebook group dedicated today, it’s an intimate group that focuses just on vintage toys:



Insanely rare catalog shot of the Famous Monsters of Legend, Star Raiders and Creatures from Other Worlds figures from the 1979 Tomland Toys Catalog. Anybody have the 1980 or 81, I’d love to see them.

For more on the Star Raiders and FMOL visit the following sites

PlaidStallions Tomland Archive

The Kubby Awards are in


The 2014 Mego Museum Kubby Awards for excellence in ReMego are up for viewing right now.  It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Figures Toy Co and NECA pretty much stole the show this year but I do think some nice stuff got ignored.

I guess when you have a property as beloved as 1966 Batman and then you actually do a nice job of the figures, you really have lightning in a bottle. Congrats to the winners!