Cancelled Lines: DST Expendables 2


Diamond Select just sort of snuck this one in during a comic con (something I really like about them to be honest), an 8″ version of Barney using the body they acquired from ZICA. I’m not sure if this guy ever got solicited or if they were testing the water.

It seems like it should work but perhaps (this is all conjecture) there was too much Expendables product out there at the time. Whatever the reason, the world was denied what seems like a rather decent looking 8″ Sylvester Stallone doll.

Luckily, if you want an 8″ Stallone fix, NECA has you covered now.

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Megolike is gone, burned to the ground thanks to Melodrama.

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Shows that should have Mego lines: STAR WARS

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I don’t begrudge anyone the likely orgasmic joy that is felt from the new Star Wars trailer that just dropped, nor do I feel deprived of a happy childhood playing with my 3 3/4″ Kenner action figures, they were pretty swell indeed.

It’s just that, as a Mego head, I’ve seen EVERYSINGLEFREAKINGFORMAT of SW figures (many of them poor quality) come and go, save for 8 inch action figures? Not even a lousy attempt like Famous Covers.

Right now Entertainment Earth has 1,177 licensed Star Wars products, including 177 action figures by five different companies. Multiple formats, nothing ever close to Mego scale in almost 40 years.

WHY? You can’t tell me it’s format, if Lucasfilm approved this, high standards aren’t the problem. As evidenced by the page from 1978 (a magazine you should own)  they’d look pretty spiffy if done by the right company.

I find your lack of Mego faith disturbing.

Shows that should have Mego figures: Black Dynamite

This one makes no sense to me, it’s a beloved property set in the 70s (just like Anchorman) and it’s also a regular, popular show on cartoon network (not unlike Mike Tyson mysteries and Venture Brothers)

Yet there is nothing, not even those POP vinyl things that are absolutely everywhere and everything.  To me, this should be happening and far less risky that a lot of the properties currently out there, the world needs figures of Dynamite, Bull Horn, Cream Corn, fiendish Dr Wu and don’t get me started on Chocolate Giddy-Up.

I’m declaring war on anyone who doesn’t make Black Dynamite Mego dolls a thing and don’t bring me any “Marvel Legends” style figures either. This property is BATHED in 1974 and we all know who ruled the toy aisle then.



Cancelled Lines: DST Knight Rider


Not even the combined forces of nostalgic 80s kids and the population of Germany could save this one. DST offered an 8″ Michael Knight for pre-order using their newly acquired tooling from ZICA toys because, well, why not? It’s a high profile property and a nice looking figure.

Sadly, a Michael Knight doll without a car or promise of a car is kind of well, not as sexy as it sounded. I’m conjecturing here but i’m guessing that the pre-orders were humbling and the doll was pulled off the table. (feel free to correct me, I am pulling this theory out of you-know-where)

Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Keep taking your shots DST, I salute you!
PS Make more 8″ Universal Monsters…