Megolike is one of the oldest Mego sites running and has a unmatched library of figures that worked in similiar vein to Mego but weren’t. AHI, Funworld, Tomland, rainfall, wee win, Lincoln International, you name it, it’s there and sometimes, it’s the only place on the web you can see this stuff.

It’s a valuable resource and a fun site, bookmark


Ebay: Toy Island Howler

$_57 (15)


The Howler is a Mego like action figure produced in 1991 by Toy Island for their series called “The Monsters”, this talking figure was produced in low numbers, mostly sold in Europe so he is tough to find and coveted by Mego and Monster collectors alike. This loose example is missing his leather jacket. Click Here to see more.

UPDATED: Looks like it got yanked.

Shot from the Toy Island catalog is courtesy of