Toy-Ventures: My 10 Favourite Rack Toys

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Toy-Ventures: My 10 Favourite Rack Toys

To celebrate the second printing of my book “Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings” (Coming September 10th) I’m going to do a count down of my absolute favourite dime store toys. From screen accurate Space:1999 stun guns to a pistol-packing Spider-Man, it’s a fun group of toys you probably forgot you had!

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Toy-Ventures Magazine is our newest creation, an old-school print magazine about vintage toys! Professionally laid out and written, each issue is brimming with obscure and rare toys from companies such as Mego, Kenner, Remco, AHI, and much more. Monsters, Superheroes, Adventurers, Knock Offs, Apes, and so much more, it’s in Toy-Ventures.

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Pod Stallions is one of the most fun groups on Facebook. Toys, Comics, Movies, TV, it’s all up for grabs and remember, you keep the glass!

Mego Knock Off Headquarters– The leading group discussing 70s Dime store knock-offs of Mego action figures, we talk vintage toys, not others. It’s a fun group where we talk about Lincoln International, AHI, Tomland, and all those companies that never thought to put their name on things because….lawyers.

Action Figure Archive Updates- Buck Rogers- Bugmen – Krazy Kreeps

Plaid Stallions Action Figure Archive

PlaidStallions Action Figure Archive

Been spending a lot of time updating the Plaid Stallions Action Figure Archive and have a few fun updates thanks to some awesome people helping me out.

Let’s dig in shall we?

Our newest page to the Action Figure Archive is the Krazy Kreeps. Krazy Kreeps are a unique find, they are essentially a knock-off of a knock-off! The figures mainly use the bodies and heads from the AHI World Famous Super Monsters brand, which was already a Mego Knock Off. There is a morbid little detail with the Krazy Kreeps that would not fly today.


krazy kreeps

Croner Buck Rogers Gallery now has Twiki thanks to Clam’s ToyBox. These weird Australian figures have stymied me for years and now I have to wonder if there is a fourth figure. It’s just great to see all of them in one place. 

Croner Buck Rogers, Tiger man and Twiki

Speaking of Croner, my friend Will (@toltoyskid) turned me on to the Footy Heroes, figures of Australian Rugby players. I don’t normally have much to do with sports figures but I need to know what else they made. Also, I have no idea who these guys are.

Croner Footy Heroes

New update to the Bugmen of Insecta page, thanks to Clam’s Toybox. These vehicles are super rare, I wasn’t sure they ever got made.  A truly obscure 80s toy line that deserves more attention.

Bug Men of Insecta

Issue 4 of Toy-Ventures magazine is now shipping, it’s full of cool toys from the 60s, 70s and 80s, get it while it’s hot!

Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 4


Pod Stallions is one of the most fun groups on Facebook.

Mego Knock Off Headquarters– The leading group discussing 70s dimestore goodness, we talk vintage toys, not others!

Visit the PlaidStallions Action Figure Archive, we catalog unique toylines from the 70s & 80s including rare Japanese toys and knock-offs, updates done daily.

Plaid Stallions Action Figure Archive

PlaidStallions Action Figure Archive

Toy-Ventures: AHI Action Apeman


Clearly inspired by the Mego Planet of the Apes action figures, the AHI Action Apeman are some of the boldest knock offs ever produced, I’ll explain why I think that in this video.


Join Mego Knock Off HQ today! It’s the best Knock Off group on teh interwebs! No BS, just straight moderated, vintage toy talk:

Toy-Ventures: Who are the Krazy Kreeps?


This week I share possibly my favourite knock-off find of the last few years, meet the Krazy Kreeps, two eight Mego-esque monster figures that look so familiar. I’ll explain where we’ve seen them before, lots of fun surprises and mysteries.

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Megolike is gone, burned to the ground thanks to Melodrama.

What a waste but if you collect Mego Knock-Offs. Join our Facebook group dedicated today, it’s an intimate group that focuses just on vintage toys and never on other people/groups/websites. We’ll let other people do that: