And the next four DST Marvel sets are



So it was confirmed at the Mego Museum forums that the next four Marvel sets are (in no order)




Spider-man (including 2099 but we don’t know who else)

OK, I’m surprised about Iron Man as well but the character selection does seem somewhat well thought out based on popularity and media attention. Still hoping for something a little more classic in wave 3 but people have been wanting a 70s Mego style DD and Punisher for forever and a day.

Hopefully something retro cool like the Electric Company or Japanese Spider-Man ends up in the new set. I am going to assume that the black suit is a given.

And the fifth Marvel Mego Set is……



Deadpool and from what I see on the side of his box at SDCC, the Punisher and a second Spider-Man set are due next.

I’m pretty oblivious of this character but I do know that he is really, really popular. Sure I want a Green Goblin set super bad but I’m going to trust Diamond that they probably looked at the sales of their other Deadpool merch and decided he was a solid bet.

I know some Mego fans aren’t thrilled with this choice but honestly, I’ve never been upset about not spending money, so i don’t get that.

MegoMuseum has an exclusive first look at the figures which do look really nice, more here.


Twisted Mego Theater: Shanks for the Memories



I really miss Toyfare magazine and thumb through old copies now and then. I don’t miss the “What’s Hot” mentality (BTW those Malebogias in your garage will never pay for your kid’s college) and the rock star adoration of certain toy sculptors got a bit gross at times but Twisted Mego Theatre was always worth the cost of an issue for me.

Sophmoric at times but also damned funny, I’m going to add as many as i can to ol’ Mego Central. Here from issue #56 is “Shanks for the Memories”.

If you’d like to join in with some scans, I’d be in your debt, I gave the majority of mine to Goodwill a while ago.

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NECA Home Alone


NECA promised 15 new ReMego figures and while many of us old timey guys were hoping for more Apes and Monsters, the first thing out of the gate is Home Alone.

This is not for me personally  but what excites me about this announcement is the next twelve figures could be absolutely anything.  Come on Fletch!