Toy-Ventures: Mego Meet @Power-Con Recap!

Toy-Ventures: Mego Meet @ Power-Con Recap

Toy-Ventures: Mego Meet @ Power-Con Recap

Toy-Ventures covers last week’s Mego Meet which was a show within show at Power-Con! We talk about the latest news from Mego Corp, take a look at the show floor and then I share my haul, which was pretty incredible.

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Get the Official Tura Satana Action Figure

Official Tura Satana Action Figure by Odeon Toys

We co-produced this amazing action figure with White Elephant Toyz; it’s an 8″ Mego Style Officially Licensed Tura Satana figure with a beautiful box by Joeseph Linsner! Get yours while supplies last.


Knock Offs; Totally Unauthorized Action Figures the book

Knock Offs; Totally Unauthorized Action Figures the book

Knock-Offs Totally Unauthorized Action figures is from the demented mind that brought you “Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings” and features hundreds of hilarious, charming, copyright infringing toys. Get a signed copy in our shop!


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The official FB group for PlaidStallions, come for the conversation, stay for the chill vibe. Remember, you keep the glass.

The official FB group for PlaidStallions, come for the conversation, stay for the chill vibe. Remember, you keep the glass.

Mego Knock Off Head Quarters

Mego Knock Off Headquarters is a group created to discuss bootleg toys and customs. Totally chill vibe for fans of Tomland, Lincoln International, Mego and AHI. It’s a super fun group, join the Mego-KO-HQ!


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Mint Off Card: They Live by NECA

Time to crack open this new retro figure set by NECA based on the classic John Carpenter film “They Live”.

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NECA Home Alone


NECA promised 15 new ReMego figures and while many of us old timey guys were hoping for more Apes and Monsters, the first thing out of the gate is Home Alone.

This is not for me personally  but what excites me about this announcement is the next twelve figures could be absolutely anything.  Come on Fletch!



Cancelled Lines: NECA Django Unchained


This one wasn’t cancelled so much as “aborted”, produced for the release of the 2012 Quentin Tarantino film of the same name, it is rumoured that QT himself wanted a 70s Mego Style toy produced for the film, as it was an homage to the “spaghetti western” of the era.

The toys invited controversy due to the film’s subject matter being slavery and groups used the film’s PR effectively to get their point across. The new editor at Topless Robot (who admittedly greatly dislikes the Mego style) conjectured that this wouldn’t have happened if the toys were 6 inch Marvel Legends style figures and not “dolls”.

In light of the “Dexter” and recent “Breaking Bad” outrage at Toys R Us,  it’s safe to say that this theory is about as plausible as the “Ram Man” slash fiction they often enjoy.

I’m not going to debate the veracity of the outrage, this is neither the venue for that, nor am I enlightened on the subject to add an opinion of any  value.

Regardless that the toys said “ages 17 and up”, cost $30 a pop and that the film’s (R RATED) message condemns slavery (and pretty much promotes violence against anyone involved in the trade) some people will never get out of the mindset that toys = children exclusively.

Toy collecting is a weird fringe, we feel normal among our own but we always will be thought of as creepy “Sheldon” types by some percentage of the population. When these people become aware of R-rated toys, they say “those shouldn’t exist” and then comes the swift hammer of majority.

The bad PR had the Weinstein Company salt the earth, the dolls were yanked and destroyed,  everybody tried to pretend it never happened.

Flash forward two years later and NECA has smartly used that 8″ tooling to create some of the coolest 8″ horror characters ever made. I’m not denouncing these in any way, I love the line and i hope they make tons more but I’m not the only one who sees the irony here, right?

Django figures are banned on Ebay (seriously) but you can pay a King’s ransom for them on Amazon if you’re so inclined.

I’d really like a Schultz and Django, loose is fine, I’ll pay $50 a piece. Email me at kid70s *<at>* if you done got a pair for sale.

Cancelled Lines: DST Expendables 2


Diamond Select just sort of snuck this one in during a comic con (something I really like about them to be honest), an 8″ version of Barney using the body they acquired from ZICA. I’m not sure if this guy ever got solicited or if they were testing the water.

It seems like it should work but perhaps (this is all conjecture) there was too much Expendables product out there at the time. Whatever the reason, the world was denied what seems like a rather decent looking 8″ Sylvester Stallone doll.

Luckily, if you want an 8″ Stallone fix, NECA has you covered now.