Shows that should have Mego figures: Black Dynamite

This one makes no sense to me, it’s a beloved property set in the 70s (just like Anchorman) and it’s also a regular, popular show on cartoon network (not unlike Mike Tyson mysteries and Venture Brothers)

Yet there is nothing, not even those POP vinyl things that are absolutely everywhere and everything.  To me, this should be happening and far less risky that a lot of the properties currently out there, the world needs figures of Dynamite, Bull Horn, Cream Corn, fiendish Dr Wu and don’t get me started on Chocolate Giddy-Up.

I’m declaring war on anyone who doesn’t make Black Dynamite Mego dolls a thing and don’t bring me any “Marvel Legends” style figures either. This property is BATHED in 1974 and we all know who ruled the toy aisle then.