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1975 Lili Ledy Toy Catalog  from Mexico

Lili Ledy was a Mexico-based toy maker with a 30-year run until its closure in 1985.

Due to trade restrictions, the company would manufacture it’s toys on Mexican soil. Even popular Hong Kong-made American toys like GI Joe, Star Wars and Mego Superheroes had to have their Mexican-made equivalent.

This restriction resulted in some fantastic and imaginative-looking variations on what we’re familiar with.

1975 was an excellent year for Lili Ledy with several hot toys and licenses:

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Canadian Mego Wonder Woman Outfits sell for 4k

Mego Parkdale Novelty Wonder Woman outfits

In shocking news to non Wonder Woman collectors, these Canadian exclusive, rare as hell Wonder Woman fashions went for a whopping four thousand dollars on Ebay.

Why you ask? Mainly it’s due to the fact that one of the suits (the one on the left) hasn’t been seen before but the other answer really is, there are a ton of passionate Wonder Woman fans out that.

I get passion, I certainly can’t judge.

Foreign: Popy TV Heroes

(Photo courtesy of PlaidStallions)

These TV Heroes were Japan’s answer to the Mego Craze in the 1970s, covering Japan’s most popular and current TV heroes of the day. From Left to Right, Kamen Rider V3, Gatchaman Ken Owashi, Kamen Rider Ichigo, Battle Keyna, Battle France, Battle Cossack, Battle Japan, Ultra Seven, Ultaman Jonias, Ultra man.

Facts:The rarest figures in the series seem to be Keyna, France and Cossack. Battle Japan is the “Mr Myxlptlk” of the group and can be found for under $100 if you’re patient.

Ultra Seven and Ultraman are very prone to suit damage, their outfits are made of a delicate material and glued together, they were not built to last. Jonias has spandex type outfit and is easily found for a reasonable price.

Popy crafted their own body (which is slimmer than the standard Mego body) and can be seen below:



Top sites for the Popy TV Heroes: Mego Like and ForeignMego 

Mego: The Love Boat Playset


Yup, it got made.

MegoMuseum posted this today on their twitter and well, it’s the same sort of Styrene masterpiece that the Enterprise Bridge was. It was released by Grand Toys in Canada mainly because they paid up front for their stuff, here is a boxed version (also from the MegoMuseum)


There are actually two Love Boat playsets and they look so alike that they cause confusion, this I believe is made by multiple toys and features smaller scale figures of the crew and passengers. From what I gather it’s hella rare too.

$_57 (2)


So the big question is, where the f*** are my Fantasy Island toys?


Foreign: Popy Ken Owashi (AKA Mark from Battle of the Planets)


Popy copied Mego figures so well I find they improved upon the formula, they made a handful of characters sadly this guy is the only member of G-Force that was produced in this format.


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