Mailbag: What’s a Black Hole Humanoid Worth?


Steve writes: I have a loose Black Hole humanoid that a friend has made an offer on. I seen one on Ebay going for $8,000.00 & $10,000, my friend’s offer is much lower, can you give me an approximate value?

The Answer after the jump:

Hi Steve,

Sure can, it’s one of those things I actually know a lot about (unlike lawn care and proper diet). Let’s start off by saying, “going” means somebody is bidding, I just see someone “asking” that price. The $8,000 humanoid is a good example of “wishful thinking” and is largely just copycatting this ridiculous auction.

This happens all the time, Person A has a rare toy that they don’t really want to part with, so they put it on Ebay with a ridiculous price. Person B has the same rare toy and is afraid of “getting screwed” and uses this weird asking price as a template. I read a lot of complaints over the years about the television show “Toy Hunter” ruining collecting, I argue that we ruin collecting with stuff like this.

The Mego Museum has a section called “The Going Rate” it tracks things (when they actually sell) on eBay in a regular auction setting. It reports the last loose minty humanoid sold for $866 in a regular ol’ auction. Just recently, an incomplete Humanoid fetched $311.

So, depending on what condition yours is in, the value would fall somewhere in between or possibly a little more if he’s extra minty.

And to utterly shatter this illusion that a loose one is worth anything more than that (seriously, there was a carded one on ebay for a long time for less than 8k that nobody bit on) why is no one bidding on this bargain? Are booties really worth $6,500?

Hope that helps and I’d also like to mention THAT I AM SEEKING A CARDED HUMANOID contact me via email kids70s<at>