DST Bluntman and Chronic Figures out soon

jaybob_zps120c49b6 (1)
Sources close to us mention that the Bluntman and Chronic figures by Diamond Select/EMCE are set to arrive soon, maybe in time for Christmas. The set even includes the C*ck-Knocker, a character which is way, way down on my “characters played by Mark Hamill that i want in 8″ format” list.

Still, I’m happy for the fans and to see yet another property get the Mego format and it looks EMCE did a nice job as usual,  I wish it all the success in the world if only to see Diamond/EMCE take more risks with the 8″ format. *cough* Black Dynamite *cough*

Also, you just know these things will make their way into every scene of the next season of “Comic Book Men”….
You can pre-order all these figures at Entertainment Earth.