Megolike: Cast-A-Way Toys Phantom and Captain Action


Yeah so has been missing for a while¬†and while they try and salvage it (the domain remains in good hands) I thought I’d post some photos from there to kind of tide things over. Here are some more recent figures by Cast-A-Way toys, the boys made nice stuff, had a strong following and got screwed over royally by an unscrupulous third party who essentially stole their molds.
If you have some of the stuff I don’t email me and I’ll add it to this page.


Achmed was the Phantom’s nemesis (he doesn’t exactly have a Batman’s rogue gallery does he?)

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The 8″ Captain Action was a fan favourite.

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Dr Eville (they couldn’t use the real name because of a certain Mike Meyers film)



The Phantom, their easiest best seller by a country mile. I wish I had all the variants.


Like the Dailies version pictured here. love it!


Dr Eville as Redbeard the Pirate.


Redbeard with Mask

aptain Action as the Phantom

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