Pod Stallions 116: Burger King Onion Ring Fireside Chat

We’re not ones to dwell on the passage of time (and let’s face it, no one wants that shock to the system) but it IS hard to believe that it’s now been 60 years since two schoolteachers went to that junkyard for the trip of a lifetime, and Doctor Who began. Luckily, according to the Doctor, time is immaterial. But let’s throw caution to the wind and have a jumbo-sized PS episode celebrating Adventures Through Time and Space. It’s safe to say DW is embraced and referenced more by us than any other topic, and it’s been a long, strange journey. Reverse the polarity, Sonics at the ready, Allons-y!

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DownLoad: Burger King Onion Ring Fireside Chat


Pod Stallions 116: Burger King Onion Ring Fireside Chat

If we Letterboxed our viewing habits in 2023, we’re estimating between us we’ve spent close to one full month (maybe one with 28 days) watching everything from TV series to movies, highbrow to lowbrow and all points in between. We thought it’d be fun to wind 2023 down by recommending titles to the most discerning listeners in podcastville. So it’s another fine episode of ‘What We’ve Been Watching!’ on Pod Stallions. Hope it helps!

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