Cancelled Lines: Bif Bang Pow Doctor Who

It’s Doctor Who’s fifty first birfday today, so everything posted today will be Who related and well, let’s start with a rant.

Say it with me, the BBC are jerks., doesn’t that feel better?

For two years, BBP was producing my dream line, 8″ Doctor Who. They were plagued by approval delays during their tenure and then, just as things were getting fricking amazing, the BBC yanked the license from BBP, dick move. (and don’t think we didn’t notice all those familiar products that underground toys was showing off at SDCC, “Beeb”. Hmmm Tardis Journal? Wonder where they got that?)

BBC is famous for yanking the license with no warning and no explanation, see Product Enterprises and IDW for just a couple more examples.

However,  BBP did manage to get some wonderful figures out including, three Doctors, a Tardis playset that is bananas and one of the nicest Dalek toys ever produced, we do however, on the show’s 51st anniversary, feel compelled to list the fallen:

War Doctor

12th Doctor

11th Doctor


Mr Sing and Chang

Magnus Greel


Rory and Amy Williams

River Song

The Silence

Clara Oswald

Aggghhhhhh! I would have bought every one! Damn you BBC! I will devote the rest of my days to making sure I give you as little licensing bucks as possible, I’ll read magazines at the bookstore, download the show and make my own figures.