This Friday night at 8:30 pm EST on our Youtube Channel, an exclusive interview with Jason Lenzi from Bif Bang Pow for a retrospective on their 8″ Doctor Who toy line. Never before seen prototypes, behind the scenes stories, it’s going to be fun!…_as=subscriber




Custom: Cybermen


I’ll round out the evening with two figures I’m working on right now.

The Troughton era Cyber Controller was a fluke, I was gifted the head by it’s creator at a Mego Meet and it hung around in my luggage for over a year. Then one lazy sSunday, I painted it and put him in an Action Jackson rescue squad uniform. I need to finish some little details (and eventually make a 2nd Doctor).

The Cyberman is the laziest custom I’ve made since I put robin shorts on my spock and called him “Submareener” (i still call Namor that). I spray painted a Bif Bang Pow Cyberleader silver.  I covered the face with a dab of putty, it works, go do it.
Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Custom: Denys Fisher Style Master


I made this guy back in the 90s, it’s a Dr Zarkov modified to be a Delgado Master for the 10″ Doctor Who line. I had plans to do PertWee, McCoy and others but the majority of them are headless 10″ figures with awesome costumes in a box somewhere, I should revisit it but that scale is hard to work in and my apathy is strong sometimes……

Please forgive the “awesome” background, i was in my twenties and so green to photoshop then.