Hasbro Super Joe added to Plaid Stallions Action Figure Archive

Hasbro Super Joe

Hasbro Super Joe

Added some new pics and information to our Hasbro Super Joe page at the Action Figure Archive.

I have a real fondness for this short-lived but unique toy line by Hasbro, most people at the time didn’t even realize it was supposed to be G.I. Joe, this is mainly because he’s eight inches tall. 

G.I. Joe was getting killed by smaller competitors like Big Jim and the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes, so they shrunk him down to Mego size and sent him to space. What resulted was a fun toy line that just sold well for the first year thanks to Star Wars but laid an egg in the second, thanks to Star Wars toys finally landing on shelves.

So come celebrate the Adventures of Super Joe, The Shield, Darkon and Gor, King of the Terrons in the Hasbro Super Joe gallery.

Also, if you have something I don’t and want to share it, drop me a line, I love adding to these pages!


Plaid Stallions Action Figure Archive

PlaidStallions Action Figure Archive

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