Mego Museum Looks Inside the Mego Factory


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Every Mego collector has probably wondered at one point what the Mego factory looked like and how everything was made. Thanks to this rare document (the 1978 Mego International Shareholders Report to be exact, which we’ll soon share) we have a glimpse into the Hong Kong wonderland that was Lion Rock.



Twisted Mego Theater: Shanks for the Memories



I really miss Toyfare magazine and thumb through old copies now and then. I don’t miss the “What’s Hot” mentality (BTW those Malebogias in your garage will never pay for your kid’s college) and the rock star adoration of certain toy sculptors got a bit gross at times but Twisted Mego Theatre was always worth the cost of an issue for me.

Sophmoric at times but also damned funny, I’m going to add as many as i can to ol’ Mego Central. Here from issue #56 is “Shanks for the Memories”.

If you’d like to join in with some scans, I’d be in your debt, I gave the majority of mine to Goodwill a while ago.

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Mego Meet 2015 Announced


Skokie Here We Come!

Skokie, IL – December 12, 2014 – Mego Museum in conjunction with Aw Yeah Comics is pleased to announce that Mego Meet 2015 will be held June 5th and 6th at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago – North Shore Conference Center. Registration information for vendors and attendees will be posted on the Mego Meet 2015 page at in the coming weeks.


For the past ten years, the annual Mego Meet made its home in Wheeling, WV. It was clear after Mego Meet 10 that maximum density had been surpassed in Wheeling and that a change of venue was in order. The move to Skokie, IL. will allow for easy access for those travelling by plane, as well as provide a myriad of options for family entertainment. The facilities at DoubleTree offer award-winning guest rooms and event space for presenters, vendors, and attendees.

Perhaps the most exciting byproduct of the new location is that it makes possible a partnership with Aw Yeah Comics, located in beautiful downtown Skokie. Eisner Award-winning artist and co-owner Art Baltazar will be in attendance with the entire Aw Yeah gang. Art is a long-time Mego Meet attendee and is thrilled to host the Meet in it’s new home.
As in years past, Mego Meet 2015 will feature dealer rooms packed full of vintage toys; presentations by collectors, customizers, and toy companies dealing in the classic 8″ “Mego scale;” a customs contest; and an auction to benefit the Mego Museum. The addition of Aw Yeah Comics will add another dimension that will diversify and improve what is already a great annual event.

About Aw Yeah Comics – Founded by Franco Aureliani, Art Baltazar, and Marc Hammond, Aw Yeah Comics celebrates and promotes everything that is wonderful about comics, toys, artwork, and the joy they bring to people. Located at 4933 Oakton Street in beautiful Downtown Skokie and just a short train ride from Chicago, AYC offers a family-friendly atmosphere with regularly scheduled events that provide adventures for children and adults alike.

About Mego Museum – Founded in 1996 by Scott C. Adams and curated by Brian Heiler, the Mego Museum is an online museum and forum dedicated to all things Mego Corporation. From the classic toys of the seventies, to the modern resurgence of figures being made in the classic Mego style, it all can be found at

Most recently under the guidance of Museum Customs Editor Steve Moore, The Mego Museum has hosted the Mego Meet convention each year in June for over a decade. Mego Meet attracts collectors and toy industry insiders from all over North America and beyond. The Museum publishes a weekly newsletter and continuously updates the Mego Museum blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds with the latest news, ranging from the latest vintage discoveries to Mego-esque figures currently in production

Shows that should have Mego figures: Black Dynamite

This one makes no sense to me, it’s a beloved property set in the 70s (just like Anchorman) and it’s also a regular, popular show on cartoon network (not unlike Mike Tyson mysteries and Venture Brothers)

Yet there is nothing, not even those POP vinyl things that are absolutely everywhere and everything.  To me, this should be happening and far less risky that a lot of the properties currently out there, the world needs figures of Dynamite, Bull Horn, Cream Corn, fiendish Dr Wu and don’t get me started on Chocolate Giddy-Up.

I’m declaring war on anyone who doesn’t make Black Dynamite Mego dolls a thing and don’t bring me any “Marvel Legends” style figures either. This property is BATHED in 1974 and we all know who ruled the toy aisle then.